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On this website you will have a possibility to know more about Visa programs of United Kingdom. There are several ways to find your, and your partner’s / spouses way into United Kingdom.

Bringing your partner,  proposed spouse, or even your husband / wife into United Kingdom for a permanent settlement with a help of any of these visa programs will change your life!

Pages on our website will help you understand all the processes and differences between visa programs and help you bring your beloved one without any stress or any other problem.

Visa Types:

There is a great chance, that you would like to know more about the way how to bring your beloved into UK. There are 3 main visa programs, listed below. Please follow one of the links to know more about a specific visa program.


More information:

If you already decided the way to bring your beloved person to you, there is a chance that you would like to have more of your questions answered, before you start a process of visa application.  Here are some more main questions for you to know.

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